11 November, 2020
Starting from November 11, our music director Joseph Lee, together with the HKUST Center for the Arts, will present a series of four 15-minute episodes of video clip entitled “Tips for Music Appreciation”, which introduces the major stylistic changes from Medieval to Baroque period. We will compare different forms and aspects of arts within each period, hoping that the audience will get a glimpse of the main features of music and arts in the past millennium.



9 June, 2020
In the past year, like everyone in Hong Kong, we’ve experienced a series of unexpected events that have upset our schedules. We hope this message finds you well and healthy.
Because of the complicated situation, most activities and concerts of L’Artiste are postponed or cancelled. We hope that everything will be launched again in the near future.
Meanwhile, we have enhanced and updated our website and made it more user-friendly. In addition, we have added a new bilingual section named “ARTICLES”, which is updated every month, in the “APPRECIATION” section. In this section, we would like to share selected articles about various aspects of the musical world that I wrote for the HKPO in a span of 10 years.
We hope you will visit us more often and continue to share with us the wonders of early music.

8 July, 2018
Collaborating with the exhibition ‘Shaping the Human body: Florentine Sculpture of the Italian Renaissance’ of the University Museum and Art Gallery (HKU), we are presenting three concerts in July. On 7th and 10th July, the concerts entitled ‘Humanism – for the Glory of Mankind’ feature music from the 14th to 16th centuries. For details of the concerts, please visit
(Free admission, registration required)
On 26th August, 2018, we are crossing the sea to Macau, bringing our music to the Macau audience in the Macau Band Fair, a well-established wind festival in the city. (more details to follow)澳門管樂協會-Macau-Band-Directors-Association-105795126146841/
We are presenting yet another concert in the Midday Oasis series at the start of the school year. On 10th September, 2018 (Mon) at 1:25pm, we will give a concert full of works from the great Guillaume Machaut (1300-1377) at Chung Chi Chapel in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
(Free seating, free admission)

18 April, 2018
This week, L’Artiste brings to you two unique occasions!
As part of our Artiste-in-Residence programme in the Center for the Arts in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, we are holding a gigantic musical feast ‘Celebration Concert - Grazie Maestro!’ on Thursday evening, 19th April, celebrating the famous, as well as anonymous, musical masters. 
On 22nd April, 2018, collaborating with the Shatin Arts and Culture promotion committee, we are organising one of the biggest medieval fairs in the whole Asia. There will be game booths, dance sessions, manuscript making as well as two concerts. The occasion is open for the public and free. 
For details of these events, please visit

30 December 2017
In November and December, L’Artiste organized two unique workshops for members of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where participants learned and enjoyed singing chants and playing hand drums, organistrum, psaltery and other early instruments.
In February 2018, L’Artiste will launch its Arts Appreciation Talk Series 2018. As the first event of the series, a talk entitled Paris Museum Tour will be conducted in February and March by Mandy Chu, our core member and a well-experienced arts appreciation speaker.
In April 2018, as the Aritist-in-Residence of the HKUST Arts Centre, L’Artiste will stage another large-scale concert at the Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall of the university.
For details of these events, please visit

27 August 2017
This September, L’Artiste brings to the local audience two concerts of distinct styles and instrumentation.
The first concert, entitled Italians meet Germans: Baroque Trio Sonatas in Action, will feature Sonatas written for recorders, bassoon and keyboard by 17th and 18th century German and Italian composers.
Hope you will join us at the Chung Chi Chapel, CUHK at 1:35p.m. on 11th September (Monday).
The second concert will be staged at the Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall of HKUST, at 7:30 pm on 14th September (Thursday). The concert From Minstrels to Musicians is the first of a series of events we will hold for the HKUST Arts Centre as their Artist-in-Residence 2017-18. All are welcome.
For details of the concerts, please visit

21 July 2017
We are happy here to share with you yet another piece of good news. L’Artiste has been invited by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to become the Artist in Residence of its Center for the Arts in the academic year 2017-2018. To herald the series of events, we are holding a concert at the Center for the Arts on September 14. We’ll provide more information in a while. All are welcome. Hope to see you there.

12 March 2017 Spring has come.
During the long winter, L’Artiste was actually not dormant. Thanks to the hard work of different makers, we have happily received new members to our instrument collection and their portraits will soon appear on our website. In addition, after months of training, our new hands (and lips), the L’Artiste Gala, are soon joining us in public performances, starting from next week.
In the meantime, our beloved co-director, Fiona, has been studying hard in London and will come back to Hong Kong to join us in a series of concerts in April. Here, we’d also like to congratulate her on being awarded the FRSM with distinction in recorder performance. Hurray!
Stay tuned.

2 July 2016 [100% Tailor-made for our local audience! (Subtitles in other languages coming soon)]
Dear dear friends!
We sincerely apologise for our lack of news in the past 2 months. We have been busily occupied by a latest project, and now would like to happily share the part of the outcome with you all! (more to come)
We know that many of you are very interested in the instruments we play, and would often want to know more about these instruments. In view of this, we have filmed a list of videos, aiming at introducing these instruments in details. You can look at our Education Series in “Our Instruments”.
In this Education Series, we hope to share with you the history, mechanism and playing conventions of some of the early instruments. Please Enjoy!